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Welcome to North Wales Marketing.

Would you like to start a part time business, in the UK working from home, earning a good living, helping people to save money on their household spending ? Best of all, you don’t need to employ any staff and you don’t need to carry any stock.

No Staff – No Stock – No Stress ! Work Stress Free From Home

This fact alone made it a ‘no brainer’ for me, and my son Steve, to get involved in network marketing but you do need to start from a solid, proven, foundation – and that’s where we come in.

My name is Mike Mainstone and I have been in business with Steve for almost 20 years – just after I retired as a Police Superintendent here in beautiful North Wales. In preparation for my early retirement, aged 49, I took a professional photography course and commenced my venture into the world of business with a Wedding Photography business in 1998. Steve joined me soon afterwards and introduced a Video option into the business.

It’s still going strong today.

Then we discovered Network Marketing

We were really fortunate to find an incredible London-based company that provides all the essential household (and small businesses) utilities for people resident in the UK; thus enabling customers to make serious savings on their broadband, mobile phones and energy provision, via the benefits of ‘economy of scale’ and utilising the network marketing business model. Our business partnership with this FTSE 250, highly respected, and award-winning company, continues to grow steadily.

A Unique UK Business OpportunityBritish Child and Union Flag

We had been ‘researching’ network marketing for almost 5 years, in particular with regard to finding a respected reliable company that offered good training, dedicated mentors, a reliable internet platform, and a generous support group, and in 2012, we have found what we had been seeking. Surprisingly, it came out of the blue via a text message inviting us to a business opportunity meeting at a local hotel.

One of the many things I learned as a police officer was how to carry out detailed research into areas of interest during my criminal investigations. It has proved to be a very useful, shared skill, in our business ventures too. It facilitates due diligence – invaluable in the decision-making process – and it helps unearth business opportunities not always apparent to others.

Network Marketing is a great business to be in but, it’s vital that you choose the right company to partner. Our research, together with the fortuitous invitation to the business opportunity meeting, has led us to partner with The Utility Warehouse as Authorised Distributors. For the past seven years we have been introducing friends, family and total strangers to the benefits of having all their important utility services under one umbrella. One bill. One direct debit and just one customer services centre. We also chat to people at every given opportunity about the benefits of working from home, part time to begin with, and earning extra cash that makes a huge difference to our standard of living.

We are here to help. We want to help. We want to simplify things for you and introduce you to a straight forward, step by step, process that informs you exactly what to do next. If your interested in our unique business opportunity, take a look  at: How to Work from Home in the UK – In a Very Unique Way

We like people who ‘try’ and we believe in ‘giving back’. We have learned, if you want to be successful in what you do, you should always try to help people in what they want to do. By responding directly to their questions and curiosities you definitely help to propagate mutual benefits.

Our Motivation

Our motivation is to help everyone we meet who are committed to learning or improving their network marketing skills. It has taken us a lot of years to research the essential elements of business and it would be mean not to share what we have learned.

So, if you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave your comments below and we will be more than happy to help out.

Here’s to Our Success,

Mike and Steve



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