How To Work From Home In The UK – In A Very Unique Way

Could this be you?

I’m convinced that most people living in the UK would love the opportunity to work from home and get to choose the hours they work too. So, whenever the question of “how to work from home in the UK” crops up, I always respond positively. I explain, I started working from home in partnership with my son Steve, over seven years ago, and we love it!

So what do you do?

“So what do you do?” they ask. I then explain that we run our own referral marketing business in partnership with a London-based, FTSE 250 company, helping people save money on their household spending. The company have authorised us to offer all the essential utility services to UK residents and small businesses, including phone, broadband, energy and mobile phone services. We do this via a very simple to use application on an iPad or similar tablet.utility-warehouse-london

We work from home because our potential customers are all local and are literally, everywhere. The company provides us with everything we need to run our business, including excellent training, website, apps, technical support, group support and business partner services.

What’s Involved ?

The company undertake all the invoicing and customer services. All we have to do is recommend them to family, friends, neighbours or, if preferred, to complete strangers and small to medium-sized businesses. We get to choose the hours we work and we are free to take vacations whenever we want. In fact the company rewards us regularly, for meeting very realistic targets, with weekends away, holidays abroad – even a holiday of a lifetime can be earned.

We recently had a couple of hosted days away, including a visit to Epsom Races, living it up in a corporate area with picnic hampers and all you could drink, and later in the year we are off to Warsaw for the weekend, all expenses paid. Steve recently collected his brand new Mini from company HQ because certain criteria has been met. He can’t wait to grow his business by showing people what can be achieved

When I finish telling them about the extraordinary benefits, it always fires their curiosity.

Some, however, say they have little or no money to start a business from home, so when I tell them it only requires £100 as a one off start up fee (even that can be reduced to just £50 in certain circumstances) they just have to know more!

Sticker or Quitter?

Q: Are you a quitter or do you always see things through? Because if You’re a quitter, this is not for you.

Steve and I intend to invest a lot of our time into helping people get the necessary training and support, so we don’t want to waste it.

Some Background

In April 2012, I was invited to attend a company business opportunity presentation at a hotel on the quayside in Deganwy, North Wales. A stunning location, across the water from Conwy Castle. Steve agreed to come with me as we were already partners in our photography business.

We were slightly apprehensive at first, but we quickly became interested in what was being proposed ie: the opportunity to build a business that would enable Steve to retire early, through receipt of monthly payments of residual income – just for recommending utility services to UK households and small businesses.

To clarify, I had already retired early (aged 49) from my original career and lived comfortably for the past 20 years on my residual income (my police pension) and I wanted that lifestyle for Steve. I wanted him to experience the financial freedom his mum and I have enjoyed. In fact I want that for all my family and friends. That’s why I love to promote this unique opportunity to everyone I meet, seeking a ‘Plan B.’

We decided there and then, to join, and we were able to easily fit it in with our existing photography commitments. Since then, the company has added even more services for its distributors to offer, and revised its payment plan, so now it’s entirely possible to earn £2000 and upwards, a month, still working part-time, and still on course for early retirement.

An Opportunity to Work from Home in the UK – In a Very Unique Way

This unique British company was established over 20 years ago and, almost from day one, the founder decided to use the referral marketing business model to expand his business. This has proved to be a very clever initiative on his part.

His foresight in bringing together all the essential utilities required to run a home or small business, under one umbrella, with just one London-based customer services centre (one telephone number) for people to contact, was pure genius.

Best of all, the customer gets all the services invoiced to them on one bill with just one direct debit to deal with, making it so much easier to manage things financially, and virtually stress-free when they need practical assistance from customer services.

Now add ‘quality of service’ and ‘high levels of trust’ into the mix and recognition from a respected independent source and things start to move to another level. Over the past five years, this company has received in excess of twenty Which? Magazine awards for service and excellence. Check out the link below to view the Opportunity.


Now here is something really interesting

Owing to the fact that this company uses the referral marketing business model to move their business forward, they have decreed they will not employ paid advertising to promote their services. This impacts in two ways. Firstly, it allows the company to save extraordinary amounts of money, millions in fact, which they then pass on to their customers – enabling them to compete effectively with ‘the big six’ utility suppliers. Secondly, it allows for company distributors to work from a level playing field, in that, they are required to create their own advertising network through word of mouth and social media, thus enabling the principle of ‘the harder you work, the greater your reward.’

Referral marketing, when done properly, provides a wonderful opportunity for ordinary people to reach financial freedom.

If you are interested in knowing more about this unique opportunity, we promise to help you in every way we can.

So if you live in the UK – aged between 18 and 80 and you like helping people, please email: support@northwalesmarketing.com but first, take a look at the link below. Thereafter, we strongly urge you to get in touch with us, so that we can help you fully appreciate the opportunity you have before you.

Not only are we providing you with a gateway to this extraordinary opportunity via the link below, we also want you to join our team of referral marketers. Work with us and others local to you. Have fun whilst your learning and progressing – with people who love what they do.

It doesn’t matter where you live in the UK, we’re here to help you get off to a flying start and support you all the way through.

Now, check out what an ex Bond Girl has to say about the company, it’s founder, and the work from home opportunity that awaits you. Then come back to us via email: support@northwalesmarketing.com  with any questions you may have.

We are here to help. We want to help. So don’t put this off until tomorrow, and most importantly don’t miss out on the chance to make a huge difference today!

When you arrive, click the yellow box entitled ‘Watch the introduction’

Click here to view The Opportunity


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